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Worship artist and singer/songwriter Meredith Hobbs has been leading worship since high school, along with her older brother, at her home church Family First in Spring Hill, FL. She has always felt the call and the desire to serve God through music, writing both corporate songs for the body of Christ and personal, intimate songs of worship.

Since 2014, Meredith has grown and led Definitive Worship, Family First’s worship ministry, to writing more original songs for their congregation to sing along with corporately during their weekly services.

Her first full-length album, “Refine”, an acoustic and piano driven worship album, birthed from times of deep intercession and intimacy with the Holy Spirit, released in October 2016.

Definitive Worship has now also released their first live album, “Sound of the House” on March 31, 2019. This album features 11 original songs written by the team and recorded live during their Sunday morning services. Several of Meredith’s original songs, as well as vocals and keys, are heard throughout the album.

Feel free to contact Meredith Hobbs via email for any upcoming events. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to keep updated on new information and announcements!

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The Story

Being raised in a musical family, naturally Meredith is pursuing a career in music. With influences from worship artist and songwriter Martin Smith, to numerous worship artists from Bethel Music, to her classical music training such as Franz Schubert, Meredith Hobbs has emerged on the singer/songwriter scene. Her passion is to create music that is sincere and worshipful, to further connect others to their relationship with Christ in a deep and intimate way.

She says of her songwriting, “Some songs that I write about my faith are to build up the body of Christ; other songs are about how or what I feel personally when I worship. No matter what the circumstances, I hope my music can inspire people to worship in both corporate and private settings.”

In September of 2013, Meredith was able to attend the Contemporary Music Center in Nashville, TN as part of her Music Business degree from Southeastern University. In this program, she was able to grow both as a writer and a performer. Being a beginner in the music industry, she launched her first EP, The Ugly Truth, in March of 2014 at her senior recital at SEU. After graduation, Meredith became the Assistant Pastor at Family First Assembly in Spring Hill, FL and married her husband, Michell Hobbs in 2015.

Family First’s worship ministry, Definitive Worship, then released their first EP, featuring one of her original songs. Meredith has continued to grow and lead Definitive Worship’s ministry to writing more original songs for their congregation to sing along with corporately during their weekly services. This year Definitive has also released their first full-length live album, "Sound of the House", all recorded and produced in house at Family First.

Meredith is looking forward to more albums, events, and things to come in her worship ministry, including her next solo album. More info coming soon!

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